With TroopWebHostCS, you create membership records for each Cub Scout, their parents or adult partner, and every leader. You assign them to dens; their information goes with them as they advance through the ranks. You can also keep track of your Pack's leadership history and training.
Each family can log on to your Pack's website to view and update their contact and account information, and can pay dues and activity fees online through PayPal.
They can also use the TroopWebHost Mobile App to see the calendar and sign up for events.
TroopWebHostCS's accounting tools make it easy to record all financial transactions, reconcile bank statements and track expenses for each event. You can enter individual transactions or quickly apply charges or credits to all participants through group transactions.
The system automatically maintains balances for each scout, which you can send to families in a personalized, automatically generated email. Printing financial reports is a snap.
Each family can log on to your Pack's website to view their transaction history, and can add to their account balances online through PayPal.
TroopWebHostCS makes it easy to schedule events, plan activities, and document the events of your dens and Pack. Use the Pack calendar to keep everyone up to date, and show each event's location on Google Maps.
Once an event is scheduled, you can send email invitations in advance, take attendance during, and post photos and videos after your events.
Each family can log on to your Pack's website to view the Pack calendar, and can subscribe to it from their cell phone, tablet or personal computer.
Your TroopWebHostCS website comes pre-loaded with the requirements for all Cub Scout adventures and badges, including the new Lion program for kindergarteners. Sign off on adventure requirements as they are completed, either by individual scout or for the entire den. As you complete each adventure, the system automatically signs off on the corresponding requirement for that rank.
You can customize your records by adding local or regional awards to the list.
Reports help you plan your scout shop purchases and recognition ceremonies.
Parents may be authorized to sign off on their child's requirements for adventures and badges.
TroopWebHostCS makes it easy to collect and consolidate orders for fundraising campaigns. Product photos and descriptions for each year's popcorn products are pre-loaded, making set up a breeze.
The public can buy from scouts on-line, and they can pay for their orders using PayPal. Scouts and their parents can enter their door-to-door orders themselves after logging on to the site.
The system computes the quantity of each item to order from district, and produces reports that help you distribute orders and recognize top sellers.
TroopWebHostCS helps everyone in the Pack stay in touch and informed. Parents log on to the Pack website to view current announcements. Leaders and parents can send email and text messages to the entire Pack, selected groups or individuals, and can create forum topics and post messages.
The system automatically generates periodic email newsletters with current announcements and upcoming events, personalized to each recipient, which can include their account balance.